Day 1

  • 9AM - WellSky Community Services (HMIS Software)
    • Join the 60% of Continuums of Care that use WellSky Community Services (formerly ServicePoint) as their Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) software. Support coordinated entry, track outcomes, raise awareness through insights, and manage funding with our comprehensive system. Leveraging WellSky’s deep experience in healthcare, our HMIS software allows you to connect with a range of care providers and effectively address social determinants of health (SDoH).
  • 10AM - Bitfocus Clarity (HMIS Software)
    Microsoft Teams
    • Clarity Human Services, is a powerful tool that connects your community's most vulnerable populations to the most effective services and resources available to them—all while streamlining the service provider workflow and providing the analytics necessary to support informed decision-making. Our team empowers communities to better leverage their resources, helping them adopt data-driven strategies in all areas of health, human, and social services.
  • 11AM - Eccovia ClientTrack (HMIS Software)
    • ClientTrack is an advanced care coordination platform that is designed to break down barriers so that providers can put patients at the center of their own care.